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Most trucks cruise well between 55 and 65 mph with a max speed of around 70mph.

They are 10 ft long and 4.5 ft wide. The bed alone is 6ft long

We do offer sourcing services for all RHD vehicles, not just kei trucks. If this is something that interests you, please contact us directly and we will send you more information about how our sourcing services work. (costs, timeline, etc)

Yes we deliver to many of our customers in the southwest US. If you are in San Diego county, the delivery is free. If you’re outside the county, we calculate quotes on a case by case basis depending on the distance from our shop. Our delivery fees add minimal cost to your total invoice. We usually only charge just for the price of diesel used but contact us directly to get an exact quote.

Trucks weigh in at about 1500 pounds with vans around 1900.

They can’t be registered in California without the CARB testing. The testing is $6,500 through a company in Santa Ana called G&K. The testing takes 8-12 weeks to complete but once its passed, they will provide us with all documentation for legal CA registration. If you didn’t want to go that route, the only other options are private land use(no registration/green sticker) or out of state registration if you have access to it.

We operate by appointment only but have flexible hours every day of the week. Contact us directly to schedule a time for a viewing.

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