Honda Acty Stage 2-M


Here is our Honda Acty Stage 2-M(Maintenance) kit. Buy everything at same time and save BIG money. Thermostats aren’t catastrophic if they fail and some customers may have replaced them already so it is offered as an option. This kit is for anyone doing basic maintenance but targeted to those who have replaced the fluids and now want the peace of mind that the timing belt is new. All parts fit HA-3/4 and vans HH-3/4.

Kit includes:

(1) WILLpowered Acty water pump with o-ring

(1) Acty E07A timing belt

(1) Acty E07A tensioner pulley

(1) Acty E07A idler pulley

(1) Acty thermostat with Honda O-ring (optional)

Additional information

Weight N/A

Base kit, With Thermostat


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