Honda Acty Wiring Harness For Aftermarket Stereo


These connectors are for Honda Acty trucks and Acty Vans(Street) with the 4 pin/2 pin, 4 pin/4 pin, 6 pin/4 pin or the 16 pin connectors. The 1990-1993 Acty trucks should be the 4/2 pin and 1994 and up should be the 4/4 pin. A 6 pin/4 pin connector is now supported and is usually connected to a clarion headunit, verify before ordering. Most Acty Vans (Street) will be the newly added 16pin. BE SURE TO VERIFY YOUR CONNECTIONS and select the correct size on check out. These connectors plug directly into your stock Acty harness and have 6″ of wiring that you can then splice/solder to the harness that comes with your aftermarket stereo.

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4/2 Pin, 4/4 Pin, 6/4 Pin, 16 Pin


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